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Youth. Austria.

Title: “Comité de Irmanamento de Lalín, Cirla”


Description of the project/Partner sought: The Lalín Breeding Committee, Cirla, looks for participants for a youth exchange that will take place between August 2 and11 in the Austrian town ofSt. Georgen an Walde, one of the municipalities twinned with Lalín through the federation of European villages Linden Greets Linden. The meeting was attended by eight young people between the ages of fifteen and twenty-one.


Those interested in participating in the exchange can inform or pre-register by email sending their request to the address cirlalin@yahoo.com or by calling 606 509 611 before the next day 26.


The meeting is part of the multi-annual program 2017-2024 of citizen participation actions agreed at the working meeting that the twinning committees and the municipal representatives of the European councils held in Lalín last October.


The theme chosen for this exchange was "The European Union: solidarity without borders".


Deadline: 26/01/2017


Contact:  cirlalin@yahoo.com / 606 509 611 

Publicado por europa en enero 18, 2017