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Youth. Belgium

Title: On the train to sustainability

Description of the Project:

The project is about sustainable travel, zerowaste and an eco-friendly life. The goal is to change the mindset and habits of young people when it comes to sustainability:

- To make them aware that they have a big impact locally, nationally and globally with their lifestyle. They can make a positive impact on the world by alternative ways of travelling, eating, living, …

-Work with hands-on activities and let the youngsters experience that the alternative ways are not that difficult.

-Starting travelling by train to the hosting partner and doing practical workshops about recycling, DIY, … while hiking in the nature. After the project they know how to act according the 5 P’s of sustainability and they are ambassadors of the project.


Examples of activities:

- Departing from two countries by train to a third country. Each organization starts the project by travelling to a central country by train. On the train the project already started. Their participants have to make a workshop about sustainability. They also get information about sustainable travelling and alternative ways.

- They come together and live for 5 days in the nature, sleeping in tents, cooking for themselves, …

- 5 day hike in a national park where they clean up trash to make an impact and show how bad it is

- Cooking for themselves the most sustainable way + zerowaste

- Visiting a local NGO with expertise and is an example for sustainability

- Workshops about reuse, recycle, do it yourself (making washing products, …)

- They make a short documentary about their reflections and observations.

Partner Sought: 2 partners

Deadline: 31/12/2019

Contact: Sarah Goris

E-mail: sarah@karavaan.be

Phone: +3215407580

Publicado por europa en septiembre 27, 2019