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Youth. Bulgary.

Title: Workshop on Values and Virtues

Description of the project: “Values, Virtues, Integrity” Foundation is creating a  project that will explore the powerful impact of values on our lives, for which we are seldom aware of. People in general (especially young people) are quite knowledgeable about many (sometimes very complex) things that are in fact of lesser importance to their well-being. At the same time they don‘t pay much attention to fundamental determinants of their existence as represented by values and virtues. Values are of those important, but not urgent things, which we almost never find time for in our busy days. Well, the idea of this training seminar is to secure the due time and respect for an in-depth dive in the nature of values

Project objectives:

The project aims to:
- study values and their subtle, but substantial impact on everyday life;
- link values with needs, emotions, behavior, and quality (and even quantity) of life; 
- explore different sets of values and matching virtues, and look at how they produce the corresponding reality;
- create an international community of knowledge in the field with perspectives for further development.

Partner sought:

They are looking for organizations with particular interest, experience, and/or know-how in the field/topic, with a prospect for a long-term cooperation beyond the framework of this particular project. 




Stanimir Kiskinov







Publicado por europa en enero 16, 2018