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Youth. Croatia

TITLE: “Young Entrepreneurs in Culture” (YECA)

DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT: Private High School for Arts from Zagreb, Croatia (students 14-18) is looking for partners in Erasmus KA2 project “Young Entrepreneurs in Culture” (YECA).
The objective of the project is enabling high school students to acquire and implement entrepreneurial skills and competences in the domain of culture and art, as well as raising the awareness of recycling and waste management.
This will be achieved with the assistance of their teaching staff who will implement innovative teaching methods whereby students will become active participants in their learning process and study on real-life examples.

PARTNER SOUGHT: High schools from EU countries in KA2 activities


Romina Makoter
Organisation name: Privatna umjetnička gimnazija s pravom javnosti
Address: Tuškanac 77,
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Publicado por europa en febrero 1, 2016