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Youth. Croatia

Title: Inter-religious dialogue

Description of the Project: Urbana mladez, a croatian NGO, is the leader of this project.

Inter-religious dialogue, is about people of different faiths coming to a mutual understanding and respect that allows them to live and cooperate with each other in spite of their differences. The term refers to cooperative and positive interaction between people of different religious traditions, (i.e. "faiths") at both the individual and institutional level. Each party remains true to their own beliefs while respecting the right of the other to practice their faith freely.

The objectives of this projects are:

Increase mutual understanding and good relations.

Identify causes of tension in different religions relations. These are often economic, social or political rather than religious.

Build understanding and confidence to overcome or prevent tensions.

Break down the barriers and stereotypes which lead to distrust, suspicion and bigotry.

Partner Sought: They are looking for 2 more partners from Bulgaria, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Slovenia, Albania, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, Serbia, Slovak Republic.

Each organization has to send 10 participants 18 - 26 years old.

Deadline: 28/01/2019

Contact: Urbana mladez

E-mail: urbanamladez@gmail.com

Phone: +385 91 1987 510

Publicado por europa en enero 16, 2019