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Youth. Czech Republic.

Youth. Czech Republic.


Title of the Project: “With a PHOTO to Europe”


Description of the Project / Partner sought: We love the photo. And we would like to partner countries to show the magic of analogue photography, digital photography & film and Czech youtube scene.


Because we love the photo, we want to show the charm of its beginning to the present day. We must bring everything needed and try out as it photographed on analog. Then try and shoot from each country visited will create a short documentary in collaboration with you. He's coming with us and Czech YouTuber who looks at us with Czech youtube scene and compared to yours. Other guests who come to us are pupils from the primary school at the age of 13-14 years and introduce you Czech Republic, which at the end of the project visit. Come to CR for a week where visit Prague and the royal town of Kutna Hora, where View the Gallery of the Central Region GASK filmed documentary and an exhibition of photographs from all countries.


Therefore we are looking also elementary school students aged 13-14.


We are looking for partners in the program countries, mainly from France, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom and Spain. But certainly interested may appear and the other countries of the program countries.




Studentský spolek Pro Skalsko


Kateřina Humlová

E-mail: proskalsko@seznam.cz

Publicado por europa en junio 22, 2016