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Youth. Finland

Title: Cooking Culture

Description of the Project: A youth group from Finland interested in food and cultures is the leader of this project, in which they would like to cook food and held a charity event for local people. Things they would like to have in their project:
- Teach each others tradition food
- Held an event for local people
- Get to know some local farmer or chef
- Have a nice common evening together
- A common instagram profile.

Timing for the project:

October 11th till 17th
October 12th till 18th

They have vacation from school during this time.
The project can be max 7 days.

Partner Sought: They are looking for 1 more partners from Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Croatia, Malta.

Deadline: 20/03/2019

Contact: Ari Ruishalme

E-mail: ari.ruishalme@hel.fi

Phone: 0409304670

Publicado por europa en marzo 8, 2019