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Youth. France.


Title of the project: "The community printmaking workshop"

Description of the project:  Co-create using various printmaking techniques (screen printing, wood block…) visual and graphic media, to raise awareness on rural issues in Europe and beyond

The aim behind this project is to co-create with members of all ages of the local community - using various printmaking techniques (screen printing, collagraph printing, linography, wood block printing…) - visual media to raise awareness on various issues encountered in rural areas. The EVS volunteers partaking in this project may design specific activities related to their areas of interest (such as agriculture & farming, minority languages, alternative life styles, environment, discrimination, equal rights and gender issues…).

Partner sought: 2 more partners from Spain. 

SOROPILA based in the Basque Country (France) is interested in hosting volunteers full of creative ideas and interested in participatory arts practice.

We are also looking for partner Art and Cultural organizations interested in the ties between the arts & the community, the arts & rural issues, the arts & minority languages. Indeed, we aim to develop cross-country rural art education initiatives and are looking to develop our european network.

Deadline: 31/01/2016


Alice Tucker

E-mail: alice@soropila.fr

Phone: 0559379884

Publicado por europa en octubre 27, 2015