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Youth. France.

Title: “Art of stop motion in educational activities”.

Description of the project: “La Ménagerie Studio”, an organisation fromFrance that promotes artistic creation as a social link, is looking for five partners to work in its project, which will train participants in order to allow them to gain skill in stop motion and use it as a pedagogical support for intercultural exchanges and sociocultural actions.

The training will allow everyone to gain skills in stop motion and to discover how it can be used as a pedagogical support in the service of intercultural exchanges and sociocultural actions.

The cultural, social, historical background of the participants from 6 different countries will feed the final production using all the newly acquired skills. The ability to work together and the collective imagination will give birth to the values of citizenship and intercultural dialogue.

General Objectives:

  • Gather youth workers eager to run animation cinema activities, to improve their knowledge and skills.
  • Offer the participants a training in animation cinema in order to empower them to include this media in their youthwork.
  • Develop new partnerships about promoting youth creation and expression through audiovisual media.
  • Improve the quality and quantity of non formal educational projects financed by the European Commission.

Project details:

  • Dates : 8-17 October 2016
  • Place : Tournefeuille (La Ménagerie c/o L'Usine), 
    Toulouse, SouthWest France
  • Target public : youth workers, teachers, educators, members of youth organizations
  • Participating Countries: 5 European countries + 1 Neighbouring country
  • Participants : 24 Participants / 4 people per country ( volunteer workers, youth workers, students, teachers)
  • Financial aspects: Participation fee are 150 € per applicants. Travel fees will be partially reimbursed according to the Erasmus+ program. The original travel proofs should be transmitted to the host for reimbursement request. No sending cost can be provided.

Partner sought: 5 partners from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries or Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU.

Deadline: 27/01/2016.



Sebastián L’Hermitte

E-mail: Sebastián@lamenagerie.com

Phone: 067 775 5070



Publicado por europa en marzo 15, 2016