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Youth. Germany.

Title: “Roleplaying in Mythology”


Description of the project/Partner sought: We have developed ERA (European Roleplaying Approach) as a method to discover various cultures through gaming. We have run our events since 2014 and the overwhelming success we had with the learners encouraged us to become more active.

This year we have planned several projects again, some of them youth exchanges in which we take young people through a week of role-playing, some of the youth worker training workshops in which we teach those involved in youth work how to use ERA.

We have also recently started using role-playing games for language learning in schools.


If you are interested in our activities please get in touch with us. Our network keeps growing, we have already expanded to 8 countries and we would like to get new countries involved.


Ras Pechuel

E-mail: ras@dragon-legion.com

General contact

Phone: +4915778944844 

Publicado por europa en abril 5, 2017