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Youth. Italy.

Title: “Cultural exchanges”


Description of the project/Partner sought: The Higher educational institute (HEI) ofCremona is searching two schools inFinland,Denmark,Sweden,United Kingdom or Irland to start in the next school year 2017-2018 two cultural exchanges for their students for future third classes.


They are a group of teachers from IIS "Cremona", an upper secondary school inMilanwith about 1300 students aged 14-19 years.


They have different programmes, each lasting five years, aiming at both technical (Business and Administration and ICT Programmes) and theoretical/cultural education (Science and Humanities Programmes).


They would like to send twenty-five students to each partner school in two of the following countries:Finland,Sweden,Denmark,United KingdomorIreland.


The exchange will last for one week during the next school year (preferably in fall 2017). Their students will be guests of host families for the whole week.


Their students’ families will return the hospitality by hosting their partners’ students coming toMilanduring the same school year to meet and share their experiences.


They will organize activities and events.


The students will have the chance to experience everyday life in another European country and will take part in several activities related to civic competences for an active citizenship.


They have already experienced a cultural exchange with a school inSpainand this was appreciated by all the stakeholders involved.


If you agree to work with them in their project, please do not hesitate to contact them by e-mail:



Publicado por europa en marzo 22, 2017