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Title of the project: "Social Innovation Match"

Description of the project:  Creativi108 - a non-profit organisation based in Bologna (Italy) - is looking for partners for its new project “Social Innovation Match”, a contact making seminar about social innovation designed within the KA1 mobility for Youth Workers of the Erasmus+ programme. 

The purpose is to facilitate the creation of a network where young people and youth workers can share best practices and ideas on social innovation.

The mission of Creativi108 is to promote the creation of a tolerant and inclusive society by empowering its actors, namely the youngsters. One of its priorities is to fill the gap between labour market and young people, that’s why a lot of effort is put in the support of social entrepreneurship, social innovation and the development of a participatory approach.

From what emerges at a local level, young people face difficulties in turning their entrepreneurial ideas into practice, either because skills or support are lacking, especially in a context hit by the economic crisis.

This means that even those with stronger professional abilities and enthusiasm don’t get in touch with the right partners, don’t know who and how to contact to receive support or feel discouraged by the difficulties of getting started and accessing the market.

This is where the project idea stems from and its response is a networking and contact making activity in order to match youngsters and youth workers from all over Europe to discuss and share their ideas and projects of social innovation, with the hope to foster future collaborations that can help their local communities but also spread their resonance at a European level.

Partner sought: If you are an organisation active in social and youth entrepreneurship or an informal group of youth workers, don’t hesitate to join our community! Be our partner in “Social Innovation Match” and help us creating a network where innovative ideas have a bigger chance to come true.

Deadline: 22/07/2015


Alessia Rebeggiani

E-mail: rebeggiani.creativi108@gmail.com

General contact

Phone: 00393452718928

Publicado por europa en junio 23, 2015