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Youth. Italy.

Youth. Italy.

Title: "Millenials create the future"

Description of the Project / Partner sought: TheUniversity ofSiena has just launched a programme called 'Millenials create the future '. It is mainly funded by the MIUR, Italian Ministry of Research and Education, which is also a major partner of the Programme. The aim is to support, through multiple initiatives, the Millenials in the definition of  the future.

One of the first events is 'Millenials Lab',  a series of 10-day workshops where 30-40 Millenials from all over the world will meet and discuss on a specific topic, and make concrete proposals.

A contribution for travel expenses will be given to participants.
University of Siena will host participants without any charge at its halls of residence in the centre of Siena.

The first workshop will take place from May 13 to May 18, regarding the future of Europe. Europe will collapse without new ideas coming from the youngest.

Workshops will be held at the Santa Chiara Lab.

Santa Chiara Lab is a gorgeous former monastery in the center of Siena that has been turned into an Innovation Center. It also includes a Fab Lab.






Publicado por europa en abril 11, 2016