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Youth. Latvia

Name of the project: "Entrepreneurship as a protest against youth unemployment"

Main Objectives: Youth unemployment is unfortunately still a topical problem in Europe. We offer you to combine our efforts and look for solutions together. We are looking for three partners who are interested in productive cooperation and joint work on the project – in development of the main ideas and aims, which are the following:

+ To develop realistic ideas for youth entrepreneurship and start-ups.

+ To help young people acknowledge their possibilities for self-realization, creativity and equality of opportunities in Europe.

+ To provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the competencies, skills and motivation necessary to start and successfully run a business in Europe;

+ To promote long-term cooperation among young entrepreneurs and develop prospects for international collaboration;

+ To involve participants in development of innovative problem-solving techniques through methods of non-formal education;

+ To develop intercultural dialogue among the youth of different countries in the framework of mutual respect and interactive exchange of diverse cultural heritage and worldviews, thus promoting cultural awareness, tolerance and multiculturalism among youth.

The project is planned to be submitted to the Latvian NA until 1st October 2015.

Prerequisites for Partners:
+ Must be a non-profit/non-governmental organization; or a local, regional public body; or an informal group of young people (Reminder: in the case of an informal group, one of the members of the group assumes the role of representative and takes responsibility on behalf of the group); or body active at the European level in the youth field.

+ Each promoter must be from a Programme Country and must sign the Preliminary Agreement included in the application form.

+ Each partner must choose from their country 5 qualifying Participants according to the given criteria.

+ The partner must be willing and able to jointly work on the Project ideas and tasks to achieve common goals.

+ The partner must be available and willing to be actively involved in all the stages of the project from January 2016 until June 2016 (during the preparation, activity programme and evaluating stage).

Prerequisites for Participants:
+ 4 Participants age of 18-25 and 1 group leader age of 26-30
+ Legal residency in a Programme Country
+ Ability to work and communicate in English
+ A realistic and attainable business concept for a young start-up in Europe
+ Willingness to contribute to a common idea pool
+ Willingness to acquire skills and achieve personal development through methods of non-formal education
+ Availability and willingness to be actively involved in all the stages of the project from January 2016 until June 2016 (during the preparation, Activity programme and evaluating stage).

The Activity programme will take place in Latvia, Daugavpils city in March.

Deadline: 20th August 2015


Contact person: Sandra

E-mail: aktiveco@aktiveco.lv

General contact

Phone: +37127894835

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