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Youth. Lithuania.


Title of the project: "Employ Mobility"

Description of the project: 

Employ Mobility Training Course aims to empower participants with knowledge and tools to work on promoting mobility as a tool to successful employment.

Thousands of young people each year starts a mobility activity of Erasmus+ programme. During of the stay abroad they gain competences and skills which are connected with intercultural understanding, learning and working. Although these skills and competences are very useful in the European labour market, many of graduates find it hard to present advantages of their international experience.
Another big part of youth consider mobility as a risk to miss the improvement of competences which they could, instead, gain in home countries. Moreover, they find the procedure to use mobility opportunities too complicated as well as stay abroad challenging to survive. This project is made for both - outcoming and those who decided to not use opportunities of mobility - youth workers and students in order to improve recognition of value of intercultural experience for employment.

The 9 days training course aims to empower youth workers, students, volunteers, representatives from formal and non formal education, equip them with knowledge and tools to work on promoting mobility as a tool to successful employment, see how they can develop methods to speak out about career and work on it with their target group.

The aim of the project is to empower representatives of formal and non-formal education sectors to develop and work with youth employment based on intercultural experience and competences.


- Increase recognition of youth unemployment issues, career possibilities, value of intercultural experience and competences;
- Encouraging young people for mobility by analyzing obstacles and issues of going and staying abroad;
- Introduce Erasmus + projects as a way to empower young people to develop their intercultural skills, knowledge and competences;
- Create a concrete action to promote mobility experience as an advantage for employment;
- Empower young people to effectively transform their “Youthpass”,"Europass", skills and competences into employment;
- Promoting good practices and actions made by international employees and employers from successful international enterprises;
- Develop and work on implementation of new methods, ideas, projects and actions to promote mobility as a tool for employment;
- Share career guidance and labor market supplies based on intercultural experience.

The training course will involve youth workers, NGO representatives, students, social workers, volunteers.

Partner sought: 7 more partners from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries

Deadline: 10/01/2016


Robert Sumski

E-mail: employmobility@gmail.com

General contact

Website: http://www.esnlithuania.org/




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