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Youth. Poland.


Title of the project: "Sport, leisure time, history, art, ecology, nature, animals"

Description of the project: Kujawsko-Pomorska Wojewodzka Komenda OHP is a group of youth and they want to join to youth exchange (bi-, tri-, mulitirateral) project as sending organization.

They want to start cooperation with organization which plans to realize international youth exchange project. We have wide range of interests and we will join to all activities within project. 
They want to continue cooperation and organize next year second part of exchange in Poland.

Partner sought: One more partner.



E-mail: kujawsko-pomorska@ohp.pl

Skype: ohp.torun

Fax: 0048 56 652 96 19

Website: http://kujawsko-pomorska.ohp.pl


Publicado por europa en octubre 21, 2015