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Youth. Poland

Title: Youth Exchange in Poland

Description of the Project:

Green Elephant Foundation / Fundacja Zielony Slon is the leader of this project, that will take place from 2019-07-01 till 2019-07-10.  

This project can include young people with fewer opportunities like Economic obstacles, Cultural differences, or Geographical obstacles.

PARTICIPANTS to be chosen and sent by a partner: 6 persons from each partner country and 7 from Poland, which means a group of 25; 5 participants + 1 group leader. Participants profile: Preferably persons of 18-25 years old, students or graduates of the college, highschool, university, who are just entering the labor market. Preferably beneficiaries, volunteers or persons associated with the partner organization and actively involved in its work or activities, Persons who are ready and motivated to create/organize a workshop for youth back to their countries in the period of 1-2 months after the mobility, with the support and in collaboration with the sending organization and mentoring from the coordinators, contribute to the creation of final brochure, search for the good practices and facilitate the workshop for their collegues during the exchange in Poland


The Youth Exchange is planned for 1-10 July 2019, village Wisznice, Poland.

The main aim of the project is to, together with 25 young people and youth leaders from Poland, North Macedonia, Greece and Spain, plan and undertake specific actions for counteracting unemployment among young people coming from these countries.
In order to achieve the goals, it is planned to conduct a series of workshops focused around the theme of stimulating entrepreneurship, integration and engaged local entrepreneurs and external activists shaping youth initiatives in the region. However, the main facilitators of the exchange will be young people themselves. The project is based on participatory approach and encourages peer education.
They would like to focus on youth coming from less developed regions and rural areas.
At the end of the project, they plan to develop the brochure collecting the thoughts and lessons learned during the exchange. The brochure will also contain mini glossary with the useful expressions regarding entrepreneurship and employability, chosen and explained briefly by our participants.

The aim of the project is to gain the knowledge about the key topics linked to the labour market and to promote the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship among young people coming from partner organisations and out of them.
Additionally, through the activities of our project, they aim to promote diversity, intercultural dialogue, common values of freedom, tolerance and respect of human rights.

Before the Exchange:

Workshops: each national team is asked to prepare at least 2 workshops you would like to deliver to the group. Initial division of the topics is presented on the schedule, in the separate document.

The final division will be done in agreement with the leaders and you and presented the latest on May.
Situation in your country: please, in a form of presentation prepare the information about the situation in your country if comes to youth unemployment, youth businesses, regulations.
The information you see interesting and would like to share with the others.

The presentation is planned for the second day of the exchange.
3 examples of good practices: research about 3 examples of so called “good practices” in the frame of youth businesses, entrepreneurship, start-ups (preferably in rural areas and in your region) and describe them briefly in a Word document. The good practices will be published in the final brochure. Additionally, these practices will be presented in the 2 day of the exchange to the group, please, prepare them also in the form of presentation.

To brainstorm about 5 most important (according to you!) terms linked with the topic of employability and entrepreneurship and to create simple definitions in English. Your definitions will be included to the final brochure.

Partner Sought: They are looking for a partner from Greece.

Deadline: 18/05/2019

Contact: Edyta

E-mail: aktywne.pogranicze@gmail.com

General contact

Website: http://www.greenelephant-foundation.com

E-mail: greenelephant.foundation@gmail.com

Mobile: +48 792 573 548

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