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Youth. Portugal.

Title: “Capriola – Inclusive incubator for equestrian art”


Description of the project: The aim of this project is to develop entrepreneurship skills in young people with different characteristics, between the ages of 13 and 18, through the relationship and bonds they create by working with horses.


The idea is to implement this methodology of non-formal education in horse riding schools and equestrian centres across different European countries. We intend to reach different groups of young people that also include people with fewer opportunities, problems of social integration and Special Education Needs. The same group of young people will travel between the partner’s regions, exchanging knowledge and experiences. They will also develop entrepreneurship skills by attending workshops, events and ateliers, whilst bolstering social and relationship skills, by interacting and caring for horses. These skills are crucial for them to be successful in the future.


The project is planned in four different stages:


Stage 1 – Development of a training plan for the youth workers that will work with the youngsters

Stage 2 – Implementation of the training model and creation of the inclusive incubator for the equestrian arts

Stage 3 – implementation of the incubator which will provide young people with skills that will lead to the development of future businesses related to horse activities:

a)         Promotion of horse related activities with the youth groups in order to develop their sense of responsibility, self-reliance and pro-activity

b)         Development of entrepreneurship skills among young people with the support of youth workers

Stage 4 – Evaluation and dissemination of results through the implementation of this non-formal education model in other contexts

During the course of the project, the following intellectual outputs will be developed:

a)         Non-formal education training model for youth workers

b)         Non-formal education model for young people – inclusive incubator for the equestrian arts


The Municipality of Golegã is the lead partner of the Capriola project. The Municipality is a partner of ANTE (National Association of Equestrian Tourism), an organization with its own Equestrian School and Centre. The extracurricular activities for the students of the Municipality of Golegã include horse riding (free of charge) and for that reason all of the children and young people in the Municipality may take horse riding lessons, regardless of their economic situation.


Partner sought: We are looking for partner organizations with horse riding schools/equestrian centres or municipalities with associated horse riding schools/equestrian centres that work with young people.


If you are interested in becoming a partner of the Capriola project please contact us.

We ask you to please include the reference “Capriola Project – Municipality of Golega” in the email subject and to fill out the following form:


Name of the Organization:


Type of Organization:


For-Profit Organization/Non-Profit Organization


Contact person:





Mariana Rosa

E-mail: mariana.rosa@significado.pt


Publicado por europa en julio 11, 2016