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Youth. Romania.

Youth. Romania.


Title: “Building Youth Supportive Communities 2”

Description of the projects/Partner sought: EVS opportunity for Italian, Czech and Estonian in Romania, for 6 months.

The project objectives are: 
- promote volunteering in the communities of Izvoarele, Maneciu and Valenii de Munte over a period of six months with the support of 3 international volunteers.
- maintain and even increase the European dimension of Curba de Cultura Youth Centre's activities over the same period of six months;
- provide a framework for peer learning among the EVS volunteers and local young people;
- increase the sense of tolerance, understanding, solidarity and European Citizenship among the volunteers and the young people in the community;
- provide a framework for personal development, acquirement of competencies and foreign languages skills for 3 international volunteers and their Romanian peers;
- raising the awareness regarding youth mobilities and international exposure and regarding it's positive effect on young people's development;


The activities the volunteers will organize and take part in will be, but not limited to:

1. Promoting nonformal learning and volunteering in the extended community. This will be done in local school in the community through energizers, icebreakers, teambuilding games simulation games and workshops during small events or during different holidays (Education Day, Halloween, Volunteers Day, Christmas etc).
2. Non-formal learning activities with young people and children in the school during English language classes. The previous project showed us that children and youngsters feel much more motivated to learn and speak English or any other foreign language when they see its utility and when the process is done in a less theoretical manner. Once a week for each school the volunteers will attend the foreign languages classes and play learning games in order to improve the learning process. The teacher and the volunteers will always discuss beforehand about the topic and the methods to be used.
3. Nonformal learning activities with young people aged 15-19 within the Youth Centre. The volunteers (EVS and local) will design and implement short activities or workshops for young people attending the youth centre. They will facilitate board games and competitions, group discussions and English Speaking meetings.
4. Organizing cinema nights in the community and the surrounding villages. A team made of EVS volunteers and local volunteers will be in charge of organizing cinema nights for the community. 
5. Managing the library within the youth centre. 
6. Documenting activities and reporting. 
7. Mentoring sessions. As often as agreed with the mentor but not less than once a month, they will help volunteers evaluate their learning process, set objectives and mediate possible incidents. 
These are the main activities in which the four EVS volunteers will get involved. Of course they will differ and alternated in the schedule according to different factors such as experience of the volunteer, interests of the volunteer and period of the year.


The hosting organization provides:
- accommodation in a traditional house with decent conditions
- 100euro/ month for food
- mentor support
- Romanian language courses
- trainings for basic youth work and nonformal education
- rented bikes and/ or local transport bus permits
- phone sim cards
- materials, supplies and equipment for activities

For further details or application (with CV and cover letter) write to sorin@curbadecultura.ro

Deadline: 10/07/2016 


Sorin Berbecar

E-mail: sorin@curbadecultura.ro

Web: http://www.curbadecultura.ro

Facebook: http://goo.gl/Mz6RrN

Skype: curbadecultura

Publicado por europa en julio 6, 2016