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Youth. Serbia.

Title: Life On The Edge

Description of the project: European Centre for ecology is developing this project which main aim is to train people working with young people that are facing economic barriers (young people in long-term unemployment or poverty) and to raise their awareness about the situation that make this young people sex workers. The taboo that has always existed around this topic does not allow people to realize that a large number of young people (most of them while still underage) are forced into this kind of business. Main idea of the project is to train people/educators how to help this vulnerable group to overcome problems that come with this kind of „vocation“(health problems (STDs), problems with legal employment, unemployment, social obstacles, discrimination, abuse, hurrasement, precarious situations, etc). This project intents to show people how to act correctly with this vulnerable group, to minimize prejudice, to present how they should be protected by law and by World Health Organisation.

Project objectives:

-        To educate as many educators as possible to speak on this topic and to create new educators

-        To raise awareness of people about the everyday problems that sex workers face

-        To educate young people, in the first place, on the pathways of prostitution and how they can be protected

-        Raise awareness of people about the health risks that this profession carries, not only for sex workers but for the entire population

-        To inform people about the importance of legalizing this profession and to point out why legalization would be positive think (impact on trafficking, protection from sexually transmitted diseases. Prevention of unwanted pregnancy, orphan children, abuse and forcing young people to engage in prostitution…)

Partner sought:

Civil society organizations dealing with young people that are facing economic barriers (young people in long-term unemployment or poverty), organizations dealing with risk groups and working with them, teachers, psychologists, pedagogues and medical workers. From Germany, Netherlands, Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries, Western Balkan countries, Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU




Contact person: Dejan Pavlovic

E-mail: pavlovic.dr.dejan@gmail.com

Mobile: +381644111444

E-mail: eu.cen.eco@gmail.com


Publicado por europa en enero 16, 2018