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Youth. Spain.

Title: “Environmental conservation from the promotion of training”

Description of the project: The project hopes to spread with respect to the environmental through several conferences lasting 7 days in which 30 trainers from the associations of the European Union, who work with young people regarding the environment.

The basis of the activities programme would compose of varius aeminars in the project would be death with and some view towards does of natural or ecological interest close to the reunion zone.

The conferences would take place in Valencia an its surrounding areas, choosing a place with a natural space to carry out the proposed seminars.

As well as being themed to the environment, the activities will also look to promote soci-cultural enrichment of all participants, with the European Union policies for the preservation of the environment and strengthening sustainable development.
Lastly, the project hopes that the environmental knowledge that surfaces as a result of the interaction of the associations is integrated training to subsequently filter down to young europeans.

Deadline: 01/02/2016


 Francisco Cordero

E-mail: fraancm@hotmail.com

General contact

Phone: +34674755582

Website: http://AVEPMA.ORG

Publicado por europa en febrero 1, 2016