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Youth. Spain

Title: To Discover Spain

Description of the Project:

Alliance Sociale du Marin is a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation based in France (Le Marin, Martinique). The project is an exchange between Martinique and Spain for young people.

The young people are grouped together in a "Youth Committee", in which they set up projects to improve the daily life in their city. Through culinary workshops, sports activities, artistic activities young people want to discover Spanish culture and life in Madrid. This project will take place from 2019-10-19 till 2019-11-04.

Partner Sought: 1 more partners from Spain.

Deadline: 15/03/2019

Contact: Mongis Jean-Michel

E-mail: alliance.sociale@hotmail.fr

Phone: 0596 74 76 58

Publicado por europa en noviembre 2, 2018