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Title: Nurturing Self-Confidence in Adolescents with Fewer Opportunities

Description of the Project:

WHAT: A-five-day training program for youth workers and educators to nurture self-confidence in adolescents with fewer opportunities.

WHERE & WHEN: The aim is to host this training at CiudadEscuela Muchachos (CEMU) on September 2019 for eight countries and three participants per country.

HOW: The theme of this program is to learn about strategies and tools to nurture self-confidence in these adolescents. The idea is for participants of European organizations working for adolescents with fewer opportunities to learn Good Practices from other countries, that help to boost their self-confidence in these youngsters in the following areas:

• Youth participation

• Emotional Intelligence

• Role models & bonding

• Communication skills

• Employment career orientation


Partner Sought: They are looking for 7 more partners from Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, United Kingdom, Croatia, Slovak Republic.

If interested in this project, please send  your proposal identifying which area(s) your organization is working for adolescents with fewer opportunities.

Deadline: 21/01/2019

Contact: Contact person: Jaime 302002

E-mail: formacion@cemu.es

Phone: 34625089362

Publicado por europa en diciembre 17, 2018