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Youth. Spanish.

Title: Juan XXIII Roncalli Foundation

Description of the project: Juan XXIII Foundation is an spanish not for profit organization that work in favor of people with disability. The foundation has different resource in order to respond to various needs, from grave disabilities to people with high autonomy.

Partner sought: An educational organisation to collaborate for the next call of Erasmus + KA1 (26th April of 2016) for a Students Exchange. It have to teach professional education oriented to people with INTELLECTUAL disability.

The exchange will be for the next promotion of students, 2016-2017. Preferentially, an organisation that carry out some of these professional courses:

• Customer service 
• Data recording 
• Basic cooking 
• Bar skills
• Gardening and eco-farming operations 
• Warehouse Assistant

These courses are the same that our Employment Training Centre, the idea is that  students meet others that they are studding something similar to them.

Deadline: 2016-04-25 



Contact person: María de Diego Gimeno


General contact:

E-mail: agarcia@fundacionjuan23roncalli.org




Publicado por europa en febrero 8, 2016