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Youth. Turkey

Title: Capoeria Can Do All!

Description of the Project:

Inclusion through sport&dance is targeted and Capoeria is chosen as the key activity.

There are numerous challenges that European societies are facing. One of the more severe ones is the marginalisation of young people coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. Youngsters with behaviour disorders and dysfunctional backgrounds are often insecure and self-doubting, face discrimination, negative stereotypes and increased social barriers. One of the ways to help them feel more confident is through capoeira. Capoeira is an afro-Brazilian martial art that incorporates game, music and dance. It has previously been used as a therapeutic activity that proved to be a huge success in empowering troubled people and bringing community members closer together.
To tackle this social exclusion problem, youth organisations from Portugal, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Slovenia and Lithuania have united for the project "Capoeira Can Do All Things". The project’s aim is to give youth workers the training necessary to be able to lead capoeira therapy sessions. To accomplish this, the training course will be hosted in Rize, Turkey on May 7 - 15 (+2 travel days), 2020.
To address the key issue of the project mentioned above (the social exclusion of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds), the following objectives have been set:
- Promote capoeira as an inclusive and therapeutic activity;
- Give youth workers appropriate knowledge about capoeira, its philosophy, physical and musical sides of capoeira;
- Come up with capoeira games in which everyone can participate;
- Create the means for sharing competences and tools of capoeira therapy among youth workers in different countries;
- The project also aims to help the participants increase their social awareness, skills and multilingualism.

Partner Sought: They are looking for 4 more partners from Lithuania, Portugal, Slovenia, Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia

Deadline: 10/09/2019

Contact: Turgut Kaan Akkoca

E-mail: info@eig.ist

Mobile: +905374506999

Mobile: +905374518218

Website: http://www.eig.ist

Skype: tkaanakkoca

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/europeanintegrationgroup/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EiG_Istanbul

Publicado por europa en julio 15, 2019