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Youth. Turkey

Title: Travelling through time on the horseback of Evliya Çelebi with youngs

Description of the Project:

A high school based in Ankara, Turkey, organizes this project which aims to follow with young people the route of Evliya Çelebi, an explorer who travelled through the territory of Ottoman including some parts of Europe.

They will not only explore but also compare the cultural and physical features of Europe now and then. They will examine the cultural features interms of meals, food, places, customs, people…etc. By this project they will establish a cultural bridge between the young people of Europe. Evliya Çelebi travelled around 47 countries including some parts of Europe for fifty years on his horse and wrote a book about the journeys. During this project the book of Evliya Çelebi (Seyahatname) will guide the participants.
As the project requires some activities in the cities or places which Celebi visited, partners from Wien, Budapest, Bucharest, Venice, Dubrovnik, Amsterdam, Budin, Zagrep are especially needed.

The project will take place from 2020-10-01 till 2022-10-11.

Partner Sought: They are looking for 4 more partners from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, KOSOVO * UN RESOLUTION

Deadline: 25/03/2020

Contact: ebru eroğlu

E-mail: ebruerog79@yahoo.com

Phone: 03127281003

Publicado por europa en febrero 13, 2020