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Youth. Turkey

Title: Solidarity for Youth Employment: Collective Solutions, Cooperatives & Initiatives. 

Description of the Project: Solidarity is of great importance in today's constantly changing socioeconomic conditions. Especially the solidarity among vulnerable young population enable them to cope with any crisis environment (economy, health, etc.) more strongly.

For this reason, the project proposal aims to meet the following needs:

1) To produce alternative solutions to the unemployment problem of young people with active social participation,
2) Increasing the self-awareness of young people and specifying their personal competencies / abilities against skill mismatch,
3) Dissemination of solidarity and collaborative working models (such as cooperatives and social enterprises) among young people,
4) Ensuring that young people could take collective responsibilities both socially and economically (eg social initiatives).

Partner Sought: Research organisation, think tank, Adult education provider.

Deadline: 05/07/2020

Contact: The governorship of Ankara - Ankara Valiliği

E-mail: abdisiliskilerankara@gmail.com 

Publicado por europa en junio 15, 2020